Welcome to the value for value clip store

bELOW YOU WILL FIND A PLAYLIST OF VIDEOS OF CONTENT THAT i HAVE MADE. I will be uploading a clip per day ideally. Find a video you want to play with, click on it to take you to youtube, and in the description you will find a link to download the file. Please use it however you like minus selling it. Use it in vj mixes, remix it, steal the color palette, whatever you want.

If you get value out of it please consider giving some back in the form of donations with dollars or crypto from the two buttons below. First button is paypal, second is crypto. If you don't have the funds to donate, share the page with someone who may find it useful. Please credit me when possible and/or send me what you did with it to patrick@neocord.vision.

With all the NFT stuff, I could go that option. Make perfect loops. Spend a bunch of time on them and market them for a release blah blah. I don't knock anyone for doing that. It is just not how I feel is the best way to share my art.
"but patrick, what if people download your clips and just vj a set with all your content?"
"good for them. Get that money. I hope they share some with me, but if they don't oh freaking well."

If you sign up for my newsletter at the bottom, I will keep you in the loop with a sample of the month's uploads and other fun stuff.
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